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An Irish themed fundraising event was held in memory of Imogen Cenko, raising $14,000 for brain swelling research.

Imogen was a healthy, active, sporty and studious 9 year old girl. She loved to dance and sing and particularly thrived on organizing an event.

Imogen became sick on New Year's Day 2014 and passed away on 11 Jan 2014. She was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

The Imogen Cenko Foundation, teamed up with the NRF in honor of Imogen to raise funds for research into brain swelling.

'Shamrock' Shimmi for Immi, was held at the Irish Club on October 26th 2019. It was a fun night out, full of great music, groovy tunes and dancing.

Thank you to everyone who attended, donated and supported the event.

Thankyou to all supporters:

  • Adelaide Football Club
  • Bob Jane - Brooklyn Park
  • Peter Meuret - Brooklyn Park Cellars
  • Cenko Family
  • Changing Canvas
  • Melanie Cooper - Coopers Brewery
  • Discovery Parks
  • Henley Motors
  • Inspiration Paints Seaton
  • Jim & Jeanette Kennedy
  • Katterine Silva
  • Kirsty Mudge
  • Kolomitsev family
  • KPMG
  • Langmeil wines
  • McGregor family
  • Narnu Farm
  • Rebecca Crawford - Physiotherapy for Women
  • Robb Hoff
  • Rodney & Mignon Wortley
  • Sarah & Peter Dawson
  • Sourced by J&V
  • Thorn Clarke
  • Rolf Binder - Peter Lehman
  • Party Plan
  • Goldstein

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If you couldn't attend the event, you can still donate here!

All donations go towards Brain Swelling Research.


For more information contact:

The Imogen and Cenko Foundation

Kate/Paul Cenko: 0421 059 337/ 0431 470 019

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Tuesday 29 October 2019

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