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Researchers: A/Prof Renée Turner (Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide), Dr Anna Leonard (Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide), Dr Frances Corrigan (Division of Health Sciences, University of South Australia), Dr Claire Jones (Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide).

Current fundraising for vital equipment to aid in stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

This state-of-the-art equipment will enable discrete changes in motor function following injury to be detected.

Not only will this inform on the nature and persistence of biomechanical changes and disability that occur following injury to the brain and spinal cord but it will also allow us to examine recovery and the effect of novel treatment interventions on these outcome parameters.

Acquisition of this system would mean we are the only group in Australia, and one of a handful of groups worldwide, to be conducting studies of this calibre.

3.png (331 KB)

VICON Motion Capture System. A: System set up including infrared cameras and hardware; B: Data capture showing arrangement of cameras and force plate (indicated by the gray square); C: real time data capture.

Total Cost = $244,275

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